Summit ᵀᴹ X450a-24t


The Summit® X450a is a versatile switch that provides high-density gigabit plus optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports in a compact 1RU format and supports a full range of Layer 2 to Layer 4 functionalities on every port to allow high productivity.

Summit X450a is based on the revolutionary ExtremeXOS® operating system from Extreme Networks®. ExtremeXOS is a highly resilient, modular operating system that provides continuous uptime, manageability and operational efficiency. Each Summit X450a switch offers the same high-performance, non-blocking hardware technology used on Extreme Networks BlackDiamond® 8800 series, in the Extreme Networks tradition of simplifying network deployments through the use of common hardware and software throughout the network.

A highly flexible and scalable Summit X450a is an ideal aggregation switch for traditional small core enterprise networks and an excellent first level aggregation device for DSLAMs at a local central office before traffic is passed on to Extreme Networks BlackDiamond 20804 or BlackDiamond 20808 core switch where traffic is managed and connected to service networks.

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